Crash Rated

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Finished Fence 09-29-10When you are looking for a crash rated fence, you need to make sure that you are looking over the catalog that we have for you. Our fences are designed to give you an added layer of security that you cannot get anywhere else. No matter where you install these fences, you will have confidence that they are not going to bend to intruders. Consider how you can make use of these fences on all your properties.

The Size

You can get a fence that will fit any area. You may need a fence that is very tall so that you can prevent people from climbing it, or you may need to protect a structure that is very tall. Also, you can get standard fences that are reinforced so that they cannot be toppled over in a crash. This is especially important when you are in high security areas like prisons, power grids or other utility spaces. This is also important if you own a storage facility or run a clearance building.

The Reinforcements

When these fences are reinforced for you, they are going to provide you far more security. Someone will not be able to crash through these fences with a vehicles because the links and posts are designed to withstand several thousand pounds of pressure. Also, you will be able to put them in places where you can protect an open space where someone could drive a car.

The Top

When you are trying to set up the top of the fence, you can get razor wire that will prevent people from jumping over or climbing over. You can make sure that the whole area is secure, and you can make the fence high enough that someone cannot jump over it from a vehicle or platform. This is important to the overall appearance of the facility, and it helps you to set up security that looks menacing to anyone who might want to intrude.

The overall security of your space is going to be changed by the crash rated fences that we offer. You can take steps to guard to top of each fence, but you will be able to prevent someone from crashing through the fence with a car because of these new technologies. You are going to get a better insurance rate with these devices, and you are going to have more confidence that your space is protected.