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Interior Galvy CLFencing is one way to improve security and is used for all kinds of premises, whether it is an office building, house, interior cage, airport, government facility, prison or naval base. All these areas need different kinds of security – some low and some advanced. But they have one thing in common – keeping outsiders at bay with the help of strong and sturdy fences. And that is exactly what you can get from us at Fences Unlimited.

Variety of Benefits

• High Security Fences – We offer steel fences for high security buildings with the best delay time as compared to any other fence. These fences look intimidating and are strong enough to keep out anything you desire. If you don’t want to compromise on the security of your building at all, we have the best options for you in security fences.

• Anti-Climb Fences – If you need additional security at the perimeter, you have to address the possibility of intruders climbing over fences. Our fences come with anti-climb technology and the spacing between the rails is such that the delay time is excellent. Since the material is extremely durable, it is virtually impossible to cut through the bars.

• Wire Fences – Our wire fences are architecturally designed to secure the entire perimeter of any facility you desire. The superior technology used to manufacture the mesh wire of these fences supports the platform and prevents anyone from cutting the fence and getting in.

• Ornamental Fences – Just because you desire top rated security for your premises doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on aesthetics. Our ornamental fences are built using high performance metal with an attractive and appealing look. They are intimidating and imposing to intruders.

• Modular Enclosures – If you wish to block vehicle access at specific points in your gated enclosure, you can use our fences with modular enclosures. Our fences also come with access controls so that you know when someone is entering the premises and when someone is exiting it.

Various Choices

Chain Link Prison with Razor Ribbon
• Vinyl – This is a cost effective option and is versatile in nature. You can have vinyl fencing with uniform and clean lines that looks professional and safe. The maintenance with this kind of fencing is pretty easy as well.

• Aluminized – Our aluminized fencing is strong and long lasting. It doesn’t rust and is pretty sturdy as well. Moreover, if you want straight lines in your fencing, this is the best option to go for.

• Ornamental – Our ornamental fencing options are available for all kinds of premises – no matter how big or small. They require minimal maintenance and come in a variety of styles, colors and designs.

• Swing and Slide Fences – The gates in our fences come in swing and slide varieties. The sliding option is better as a space saver and the swinging option is ideal for ease of use. Both the styles have durable options.

• Others – We also offer galvanized fences for utmost protection and privacy. Fences with gate operators are ideal for airports, government buildings and premises that simply cannot compromise on security.

Why Choose Us?

• Experience – We have been providing commercial and security fencing since 1969 and our vast experience makes us an ideal choice.

• Free Estimates – If you are unsure about the perfect security fencing option for your commercial premises, we can send over some specialists who would help you make the right choice.

• Competitive Prices – We offer affordable options, durable materials and our focus is always on security.

Contact us now and enjoy a free quote. You can also visit us for security fencing at Windham, Epping and Manchester. Please use the web form on our contact page to reach us now.