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Residential wood fence systems are available for almost any home application. Choose a picket style for a front yard or a privacy style for your back yard. Of the approximately 10 – 12 different wood species that are commonly used and acceptable for fence applications, we use Northern White Cedar, a very durable wood.

Benefits of Cedar:
All of our wood fencing is constructed of first grade, durable 100% Northern white cedar for long service in our New England climate.  Cedar is also highly resistant to rot and boring insects.

In addition to its endurance, cedar ages beautifully.  Cedar weathers to a lovely silver-gray warmth unlike any other wood.  However, if you prefer to stain your fence, we advise waiting for 60 days to allow the moisture to leave the wood.  Painting is not recommended.

“Checking” is a natural process which occurs during the seasoning of cedar or any wood, especially wood which is left round.  Technically, a check is neither a split nor a crack.  It has no appreciable effect on the strength of the wood, and actually enhances the cedar’s aged, weathered appearance.

Here is just a sample of some of the wood fence we carry: