Methuen Massachusetts

Submit for Free Quote is a company that serves the greater New Hampshire and Massachusetts areas. As the name suggests, Fences Unlimited sells chiefly fences that the customer may then install themselves. The fences can be made of wood, vinyl or chain links. The vinyl fences can be between three and six feet tall, and they are low-maintenance. They don’t rust, warp, or rot. They don’t get termites and they don’t need painting. While vinyl fences come in just three colors: white, adobe and tan, they come in a wide range of styles.

Wood fences are made of northern white cedar, which is a wood noted for its durability. It resists rot and boring insects and holds up well in New England’s cold winters. Cedar also has the advantage of aging attractively, for it weathers to a warm silver-gray over time. Cedar can be stained, but the customer should wait 60 days after purchase for the wood to dry. Painting cedar is not recommended. Cedar fences come in a wide range of styles, ranging from post and rail fences which evoke the country to picket fences with their old time feel.

Chain link fences have the virtues of being both durable and easy to install. They come with warranties between seven and twelve years. They can also be coated with Spectra, which prevents rust.

All of the fences can be used for residential or commercial properties. Some are crash rated, which means they can be reinforced so that somebody can’t force their way onto the property by crashing their car or truck into the fence.

In addition to fences, Fences Unlimited offers several other products including estate gates, grills, flagpoles, arbors, pergolas and granite. Many of these can be used for outdoor landscaping. Granite is a highly durable stone that can be used to make mailbox posts, lamp posts, and fence posts. Pergolas and arbors consist of pillars that form a walkway in a garden. They can be made of wood, vinyl or iron. has stores at three locations: Epping, Manchester and Windham, which are in New Hampshire. The Epping and Manchester locations are both within 30 miles of Methuen, making them convenient locations. The Windham location is significantly further away.