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Fence Installation & Repair in Lawrence, MA

The city of Larence is located in Essex County, 25 miles north of Boston and 5 miles south of New Hampshire. Lawrence has a deep industrial history that is still seen and remembered today, with beautiful mill buildings still lining Merrimack River and Great Stone Dam. The bell towers continue to strike every day! The residents of Lawrence can enjoy the plethora of activities, attractions, and nature every day in their gorgeous town. 

Fences Unlimited is proud to provide all of our fence installation and repair services to all residents and businesses of Lawrence, MA. 

Residential Fence Installation & Repair Services in Lawrence, MA

Fences Unlimited has been providing our expert fence installation and repair services to the residents of Lawrence for almost half a century. We have an extensive selection of fencing options, making it practically guaranteed to find a fence that you will love around your home. Even if you have zero previous knowledge of fencing, we have years of experience and expertise to determine what kind of fencing will be best for you. After choosing the perfect fence for you and your family, our expert team of installers will take care of the rest. 

Our residential fencing services include:

Commercial Fence Installation & Repair Services in Lawrence, MA

We understand that commercial properties have completely different fencing needs than residential homes. These businesses and corporations need high-quality, durable fencing options they know they can rely on. That is why we offer the commercial properties of Lawrence fencing options ranging from security gates to access control. 

Our commercial fencing services include:

Fences Unlimited

Fences Unlimited is happy to provide all of our residential and commercial fence installation and repair services to Lawrence, MA. Our expert team has almost half a century of experience! For more information regarding fencing or to set up a free consultation, make sure to give us a call or fill out our online contact form.