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Fence Repair Services in NH | Fences Unlimited

As a homeowner in New England, you’re probably well aware of the wear and tear your home suffers from. Keeping your exterior components in check is crucial for your home’s health! While this is a true statement for things like your roofing, siding, and gutters, fences are just as important to keep intact. Think about all of the benefits a fence provides for your home. Things like security, privacy, and low maintenance will all become more difficult without appropriate fence repairs! Fences Unlimited is your trusted New Hampshire fence installation contractor, so it should go without saying that we’re the best choice for fence repairs!

Types Of Fence Damage We Can Repair

The weather conditions around New Hampshire can change on a dime! What once looked like a nice day could turn into severe weather within a matter of minutes. Kneejerk weather conditions like these can give your fence a beating. When these factors compromise your privacy and security, making them intact again should be a speedy process. Simply give Fences Unlimited a call, and we can easily solve any fence-related problems! Contact us today for repairs to any of the following types of damage – or for questions regarding anything we haven’t listed here! 

  • Missing, uneven, or broken posts
  • Faded or peeling paint
  • Rotted wood
  • Tilted posts
  • Warping
  • Holes or gaps within posts
  • & So Much More!

When To Repair vs. Replace A Fence

As is the case with many of the components of your home’s exterior, there comes a time when fence repairs are either too costly or too numerous to make. So, which category does your situation fall into? When you’re on the fence (no pun intended) about whether to repair or replace yours, use this to help determine what you should do!

  • The Extent Of Damage: A few broken posts or one uneven piece of fencing are easy fixes. But what happens when the same signs of damage appear around the perimeter? Use your best judgment. If over a quarter of your fence needs repairs, it may be better to cut your losses.
  • Age Of The Damage: When did you first notice something off about your fence? It’s a good practice to request repairs immediately after noticing damage signs. If you wait too long, a small blemish can expand into a fence-wide problem!
  • Cost: Think about how much it cost you when you installed the fence. Once you’ve obtained a quote for repairs, compare that to the install price. If the wages are too close together, a full replacement may be better.

Contact Fences Unlimited For Repairs Across NH and Northern MA

Fences Unlimited services a wide range of clients with expert fence repairs – and replacement options in the worst-case scenario! Don’t delay if you notice any signs of damage. Contact us today for swift repairs that extend your fence’s lifespan!