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When it comes to beautifying your landscape, adding a structure called an Arbor is one of the smarter ways to go. This will complement the appearance of your garden, and you can even include outdoor seating with some of the larger ones. Garden arbors come in a variety of decorative designs, and most people will tell you that the list of benefits for the user can be quite extensive.

Choosing your style

There are several styles to choose from but one thing most people agree with is the fact than an arbor can be a romantic addition to your property. It does not matter whether you are creating a modern or an English-style garden; there is an arbor to compliment your particular landscaping. It is also a good idea to consider the architecture of the home in order for the Arbor to compliment it.

Preferred material

While it is possible to choose an Arbor that is made of Vinyl, some people prefer to stick with the heavier wooden version. The materials used to produce the Arbor could affect the final design, but it should not affect the strength. Some structures are created with iron, and as you would expect, these designs can also be affected by the material used.

What to use it for

The Arbor can provide the homeowner with several purposes to choose from. Arbors are persistently used either as a cover or as a backdrop for weddings, engagements and anything else that involves a ceremony of some kind. One of the reasons why the Arbor works so well for this kind of event is because it can be used as a way to grow and position the flowers.

Uplifting the value

With the addition of an Arbor, you will have improved the visual appeal of your landscaping and in as much property value will go up. When you add a path to and from your Arbor, it can also completely change the appearance of your property and attract more potential buyers.


With so many choices for the Arbor, is there any wonder that homeowners consider this to be an improvement to their property and well worth the investment? There is not much that cannot be done with the Arbor; in fact, the limitations are only restricted by your imagination. It is even possible to have an Arbor with a gate affixed to it, providing a kind of entrance to a private backyard area.

Pre-made pressure treated, cedar or vinyl arbors and trellises.  The Garden Arch is available in the traditional 40″ wide by 6′ 8″ high or the more spacious 6′ wide opening.

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