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Outdoor Products


There are very few improvements that you can do that can transform your yard, garden or patio quite like an arbor. They have a way of turning any ordinary space into a gorgeous outdoor haven of rest and relaxation. There are so many imaginative ways to incorporate an arbor into your lifestyle and space. Aside from the obvious ornamental uses, an arbor is a perfect place to plant vegetables that vine and climb, making it easier to care for them and to harvest the bounty of your labors. An arched arbor makes a perfect entryway to your garden while affording much needed shade on a hot summer’s day. We have a large selection of sizes and styles to suit any taste or budget. Whether you prefer arbors that are pre-made from pressure treated cedar or constructed of no maintenance vinyl, our staff will help you find just what you need. There is an arbor for every personality and preference and personalizing them as your tastes shift and change is easy to do. The Garden Arch is one of our more popular items and it comes in the conventional forty inches wide by six feet eight inches tall or the roomier six feet wide opening. So, whether you want to spruce up your yard for company or need a handsome structure on which to grow some plants, we are sure to have the perfect arbor for you.


A pergola can bring a summertime look to your home all year long, or serve many different purposes at various times throughout the year. They can be an ideal area for an Easter sunrise breakfast, Independence Day picnic or a Halloween extravaganza . They can provide much needed shade from the broiling sun on a long Summer day, a tranquil spot to eat, read, nap, soak in the hot tub or entertain friends. In the Spring and Fall, a pergola can be a lovely area to sit and soak up the fresh air while shielding you from the chill in the air as evening approaches. There are numerous styles and sizes from which to choose, one for every lifestyle and budget, including yours. Come in today and we’ll help you assess the needs of your property and find the pergola that fits your lifestyle. The outside of your house should be every bit as inviting and comfortable as the inside, we can help you make that happen today!


Whether you need a flagpole to display ‘Old Glory’ or one of the decorative flags that adorn so many homes nowadays, we can help you find exactly what you need. There are basically two types to consider when buying a flagpole, wall mount and ground mounted poles. Fiberglass flagpoles are made to sway in the wind and they are usually used for commercial purposes. Sometimes they fly bright ‘wind flags’ in order to get attention and other times they contain company logos. Usually aluminum, residential ground flagpoles are built to resist rust and the elements. The taller the flagpole is, the thicker it should be to last a good, long time and to withstand the wind. When deciding how you want the flagpole to be installed, you have the choice of it being permanently installed in the ground or in a cement base which contains a sleeve which the pole goes into that can be removed at a later time if necessary. We offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from and we’ll be glad to install the flagpole of your choice for you. Come on in and let’s talk about it.