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Granite is a durable material that provides an element of impeccable beauty to any landscaping project. This material is affordable in addition to being extremely versatile. Many homeowners assume that granite is only appropriate for flooring and counter tops. However, granite is the ideal material for a number of unconventional outdoor applications that will give your property a charming quality that is all its own. Among these beloved applications are granite light posts, mailboxes, and fence posts. Giving your landscaping a whole new appearance starts with embracing the possibilities that granite can offer.

Granite Mailbox Post

Granite posts draw upon the influence of older and traditional styles while still giving you a modern appearance as this trend enjoys a considerable revival. A granite post for mailboxes automatically increase the curb appeal of any home. This addition also increases the value of the property as well. There are few limitations when it comes to choosing a granite post for installing a mailbox. Every post can be ordered in a number of cuts that display a huge range of textures and finishes. Additionally, granite can be ordered in many different colors and variations that allow you to easily add a personal touch to your residence. The post can be delivered directly to your home and installed in virtually no time at all. Every order also comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware to make installing the mailbox or replacing the existing box a simple proposition.

Fence Posting

Incorporating granite into a fence expands the strength of the fencing on top of increasing the attractiveness of this landscaping element when it might be unsightly otherwise. Granite fence posts can accommodate a huge range of fencing as well. Chain linking can be installed with only a single, metal mounting loop installed in the granite posts. The posts can also be ordered to accommodate wood slats that connect easily to one another. Whatever your needs, granite can rise to the occasion. Posts can be custom ordered or purchased with standard holes for constructing the fence. The price is also minimal in either case. Ordering large quantities for fencing of any size automatically reduce the costs.

Granite Lamp Posts

A lamp posts that adds the maximum amount of sophistication to the profile of your home means utilizing granite. When you work with this material, you can forget about rust and damage from the elements to posts that are placed on your property. These posts can be fitted for any lamp, including oils. If you are interested in electric lamps, the wiring can be completely integrated as well while enjoying the maximum amount of protection over time.