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A closeup of a wood fence in a backyard. You can see the green lawn in front of the fence and a blue sky with clouds behind it.

Are Wood Fences Waterproof?

When it comes to deciding what fence material to install at your home there are many options to weigh.  Anything from maintenance and cost to look and longevity.  While there may not be a one size fits all, the time and effort down the road you will spend maintaining your fence is a key part in any homeowners decision.  

Benefits of a Wood Fence

There are many questions when it comes to wood fences and their maintenance.  There are many benefits when it comes to wood fencing.  Wood fencing offers versatility with its various styles and beautiful finishes.  Stains, wood, and height can all alter the image of a wood fence.  Between gates and fences there are many to choose from such as classic picket, privacy, split-rail, post and rail, stackpole, and shadowbox.  

Maintenance of a Wood Fence

If you are leaning towards picking a wood fence over the other options it is important to understand how the maintenance will look.  Having a solid maintenance plan in place will keep your wood fence from cracks, warping, and rot. Wood is wood and needs to be treated and sealed to keep its beauty.  Whether you have stain or paint on your fence there is sealant on your fence.  Water can be the main contributor to damage to your wood fence that is why it is important to pay attention to your sealant.  If the water beads off your wood fence then that shows strength in your sealant.
Does this all mean that wood fences are waterproof? Resilient is a better word when it comes to it.  As nothing is totally indestructible to the elements of our harsh weather in the New England area.  Here are some tips to help you maintain the beauty of your wood fence.  

  1. Watch for Wear: It is always vital to keep an eye on your fence and how it is holding up. Especially before and after each season.  The different types of weather can cause different types of damage.  If you do happen to find any issues it is important to tend to them as soon as possible to avoid long term damage.  
  2. Limit Moisture: Water is no doubt the enemy of wood for sure.  When focusing on your yard as a whole it is recommended to keep your water sprinklers away from your wood fence.  Same goes for landscaping and plants growing up against your fence.  Landscaping can cause permanent warps and chips in your fence leaving critical damage.  
  3. Cleaning is Key: If you ever notice any mold, mildew, or dirt on your fence it is best practice to clean it right away.  Pressure washing your fence can be an easier alternative to get your fence cleaned quickly and efficiently.  Of course with water being a big enemy to wood fences it is recommended to seek a professional to pressure wash your fence.  
  4. Maintain Stain or Sealant: Stain or seal can lose its strength ever so often due to the elements.  It is important to restrain your fence every two to four years to keep up with it.  This will also keep your fence beautiful and fresh.  Keeping your investment alive and well for many more years.  

Contact Fences Unlimited

If you are looking into installing or repairing a wood fence our expert team is here to lend a hand.  With our wide range of fence selection we can help you find the perfect fit to tie your yard together.  For more information on wood fences do not hesitate to contact us at 800-892-0456 for a free onsite quote or by filling out a contact form on our website. 

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