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A black aluminum fence running along a person's grassy yard. You can see several trees and a blue sky in the background behind it.

Trending Fence Styles

There are a variety of reasons for installing a fence around your home. Whether it be for privacy, aesthetics, or safety reasons, there is a lot to consider when choosing a fence to install around your yard. Homeowners are now focusing on the exterior look of their homes just as much as the interior; fences are a way for them to incorporate their style in their outdoor living space! 

Follow along for a trending fence style guide by the expert fence design and installation team at Fences Unlimited!

Horizontal Fencing

We have seen a large rise in horizontal fencing popularity. Horizontal fences offer a clean, modern look. Not only is this style of fencing beautiful and interesting to look at, it also offers heightened privacy. Homeowners who enjoy the look of clean, straight lines and tend to go more modern with furnishing, would absolutely love a horizontal fence. 

Two-Tone Fencing

A new, exciting, and popular trend in vinyl fencing is two-toned. Two-tone vinyl fencing is an incredible way to bring in style and color to your outdoor space. With the ability to choose from any color under the sun, you can match the siding of your home perfectly to your fence. This trend is particularly popular with homeowners with a large yard space as the gorgeous fencing truly acts as a centerpiece to your outdoor space. 

Fence Lighting

After spending most our time with loved ones outdoors since 2020, homeowners everywhere were installing lighting to their fencing. For those who enjoy spending their evenings outdoors with friends and family or even peaceful nights alone, fence lighting is a trend for you! Fence lighting enhances the brightness and aesthetic of your yard. 

Low Maintenance Fencing

Low maintenance fencing will be trending for all of time! Homeowners opt for low maintenance, long lasting fencing for the benefits of having a fence around their yard without having to worry about taking proper care of it. There are plenty of low-maintenance and long-lasting fencing materials including vinyl and aluminum. 

Contact Fences Unlimited

Fences Unlimited has an expert fence design and installation team that is eager to assist you in choosing and installing the perfect fence for your home. With 40 years of experience, you can trust our professionals to choose and install the perfect trending fencing for you. Give us a call today at 800-892-0456 for a free onsite quote or fill out our online contact form for more information! 

commercial fencing

What Type of Fences Provide High Security for Commercial Properties?

There are many factors for businesses to consider when choosing a security fence to install around their property. You may be looking for security purposes only, and not too worried about how it looks. However, what if you need high security, but also would like it to look more appealing? Luckily, there are many different options to choose from. Different establishments have different needs; An airport might have different fencing needs than an office building. Even though there are different levels of security needed for different establishments, the common factor is keeping those who should not be in, out. Here, we will discuss the different types of security fences that may be suitable for your business. 

Anti-Climb Fences

Anti-climb fences are perfect for establishments that would like to add security around the perimeter of the premises. Installing anti-climb fences will ensure there are no intruders that are able to hop over. They’re also made from an extremely durable material, making it nearly impossible to cut through. 

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fences – where security meets aesthetics! For the businesses that need security but would like to maintain a nicer look, ornamental fences are built from strong, high-performance metal, but still look appealing. Intimidating to intruders, but easy on the eyes. This is often a great solution for office buildings! 

Modular Enclosures

These fences are particularly great for those who are seeking to block out vehicles. These fences come with access controls, allowing you to know when anyone is entering or exiting the premises. With modular enclosures, you have full control over who is coming in and out of your property. This is extremely beneficial for government buildings or any business needing high levels of security.

Fences Unlimited

Fences Unlimited has been providing high-security commercial fencing for our clients for over 50 years. We offer free on-site estimates and competitive pricing! We also manufacture our own fencing, which gives us a unique advantage in the industry! Call us today or fill out a contact form to get started on your high-security fencing installation.

Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior This Spring With a New Fence

Spring is here, bringing gorgeous weather, blue skies, and birds singing back to New England. We are sure you are preparing your landscape and picking out beautiful greenery, but there is an element to your home that you may have forgotten about; a fence! Fencing is not only a great way to add curb appeal to your home’s exterior, but they also add an extra layer of security and privacy to your home. There are tons of options for fence styles, so read along to see which type of fence would best fit your style for your home!

Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fences offer the security and beauty that every home needs. They provide a traditional style that adds a bit of status to your home. They are entirely customizable, with style, color, design, and height options! These are strong, durable fences available in both steel and aluminum. Ornamental fences look stunning around yards. If you have a pool, also consider installing ornamental fencing around your pool! 

Vinyl Fencing

If you are looking for fencing that will last forever, vinyl fencing is for you! Made from high-tech polyvinyl compounds, making the little maintenance you will have to do a breeze, and it will last a lifetime. These fences come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and heights. Vinyl fences are perfect for anyone looking for privacy, as they have plenty of tall, solid options to choose from. 

Wood Fencing

When you picture wood fences, your mind will probably go straight to the traditional picket fence, but wood fences can come in many different styles. You can choose to set up a wood picket fence in your front yard and a tall privacy fence in the back. These fences require a small bit of upkeep due to the fact that wood tends to age. No matter what style you choose to go with for your home, wood fences offer a beautiful, rustic, traditional look to add to your home’s exterior.

Chain-Link Fencing

If you are looking for a long-term, maintenance-free fence, chain-link fencing is for you! This type of fence has been the most prevalent around homes for years. They offer an extra level of security and are very popular for households with pets. There is an option to color your chain link fence if you are looking for something other than the traditional silver color you see the most of.

Fences Unlimited 

Make sure to consider fencing this spring while working on your home’s beautiful landscape. If any of these fence types have caught your attention, feel free to contact Fences Unlimited about our products and services! We have do-it-yourself options as well as a dedicated team of installation professionals. Give us a call today at 800-892-0456 or fill out our online contact form! Happy spring! 

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