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What Makes A Fence Unscalable?

When you ask people about their top reasons for installing a new fence on their property, they’ll give a few common answers. Upgrading their property value and clearly defining their space are two popular reasons to do so. However, one of the most important functions of a fence is the ability to provide security to their property. Many fences are designed specifically for this purpose – they are made to be unscalable to prevent intruders from infiltrating a space. But what makes these fences unscalable? We explain it in more detail below!


Have you ever tried to climb a rock wall that curved backward at certain points? You’ll likely have found that getting past this point is significantly harder than a straight surface! Curved security fencing is designed in a similar fashion for the same purpose. A property with a curved fence will be less inviting to potential intruders, as they’ll find the same difficulty when arriving at the curved sections.  These types of fences have significantly large curves to them. A small curve won’t deter someone for long, so manufacturers must go all-out!

It’s Height

At first glance, a fence’s height might seem like it doesn’t mean that much. If it’s a straight shot to the top, someone will have the stamina to climb it. However, intruders with such thinking have left out a crucial step in the process: what will the fall down look like? The higher that a fence is, the bigger and more severe the impact will be when a person hits the ground. It’s not worth it to try to scale a fence if you’re just going to break your leg on the other side! This is one of the first things suggested to improve fence security.


If you’re unfamiliar with what an aperture is, it’s another word for a small hole or opening. Weaker chain link fences have larger apertures, making climbing significantly easier. You can simply stick your fingers through the opening and use them as support while you ascend. If you’re looking for new fencing specifically for the purpose of upgrading your security, look for something with the smallest aperture size. If intruders can’t stick their fingers through the hole, they’ll have a significantly harder time getting up. Oftentimes, this will deter them from even trying!

Security Fence Installation with Fences Unlimited

Fences Unlimited can help you secure your property with various types of fencing that help deter potential intruders! Whether you’re looking to make your home or business a safer environment, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to meet your property’s specific needs. To bolster your security and increase your property value with a new fence, click here to contact us directly!

What Type of Fences Provide High Security for Commercial Properties?

There are many factors for businesses to consider when choosing a security fence to install around their property. You may be looking for security purposes only, and not too worried about how it looks. However, what if you need high security, but also would like it to look more appealing? Luckily, there are many different options to choose from. Different establishments have different needs; An airport might have different fencing needs than an office building. Even though there are different levels of security needed for different establishments, the common factor is keeping those who should not be in, out. Here, we will discuss the different types of security fences that may be suitable for your business. 

Anti-Climb Fences

Anti-climb fences are perfect for establishments that would like to add security around the perimeter of the premises. Installing anti-climb fences will ensure there are no intruders that are able to hop over. They’re also made from an extremely durable material, making it nearly impossible to cut through. 

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fences – where security meets aesthetics! For the businesses that need security but would like to maintain a nicer look, ornamental fences are built from strong, high-performance metal, but still look appealing. Intimidating to intruders, but easy on the eyes. This is often a great solution for office buildings! 

Modular Enclosures

These fences are particularly great for those who are seeking to block out vehicles. These fences come with access controls, allowing you to know when anyone is entering or exiting the premises. With modular enclosures, you have full control over who is coming in and out of your property. This is extremely beneficial for government buildings or any business needing high levels of security.

Fences Unlimited

Fences Unlimited has been providing high-security commercial fencing for our clients for over 50 years. We offer free on-site estimates and competitive pricing! We also manufacture our own fencing, which gives us a unique advantage in the industry! Call us today or fill out a contact form to get started on your high-security fencing installation.