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What Defines A Fence’s Property Value?

Property value is arguably one of the most important concepts to consider for your home. If you’re ever thinking about moving to a different location, property values can help you determine what you’ll get for it on the market – and it could make your life at that property far easier! There are plenty of ways to increase your home’s property value through exterior renovations; installing a new fence is one such example. How much value you’ll add to your property by doing so will depend on a variety of factors. We go over what they are below!

Fence Material

The material your fence is made from is one of the biggest factors in its overall quality. Because these materials give off different appearances and aesthetics, it should go without saying that they’re a determining factor for your property value! This is because of a factor in property value called curb appeal – essentially if your home looks nice from standing on a street curb, its overall value is bound to go up. More expensive fencing materials like aluminum and vinyl will gain bigger property value yields than those that are cheaper.


When you look at the needs of prospective home buyers, privacy is among the top priorities for them. Homeowners generally have greater peace of mind if they can relax on their properties without the fear of people spying on them. The more privacy that your fence offers, the more attractive it will look to buyers and the more money you’ll be able to fetch for it. Fence material plays a big role here as well – for example, wood fencing offers much more privacy than a standard chain-link fence.


It’s no secret that any homeowner desires to feel safe within their own homes. Having the proper security measures is paramount for this purpose! While an alarm system or deadbolts are effective options for security, your protection should have multiple layers to ensure that no intruders can infiltrate your space. This is just another one of the ways that a fence increases property value! Fences add additional security to your property, making it more difficult for intruders or pests to access your yard. They’ll allow your family, friends and pets to relax freely without fear of intervention.

Improve Property Value With Fences Unlimited

Getting the biggest property value additions from new fencing means working with a fence installation company with years of experience in doing it the right way. Fences Unlimited can install a wide variety of types of residential and commercial fencing to improve your home’s safety, aesthetics, and property value. To secure the best of these benefits for your MA or NH property, click here to contact us directly!

What Makes A Fence Unscalable?

When you ask people about their top reasons for installing a new fence on their property, they’ll give a few common answers. Upgrading their property value and clearly defining their space are two popular reasons to do so. However, one of the most important functions of a fence is the ability to provide security to their property. Many fences are designed specifically for this purpose – they are made to be unscalable to prevent intruders from infiltrating a space. But what makes these fences unscalable? We explain it in more detail below!


Have you ever tried to climb a rock wall that curved backward at certain points? You’ll likely have found that getting past this point is significantly harder than a straight surface! Curved security fencing is designed in a similar fashion for the same purpose. A property with a curved fence will be less inviting to potential intruders, as they’ll find the same difficulty when arriving at the curved sections.  These types of fences have significantly large curves to them. A small curve won’t deter someone for long, so manufacturers must go all-out!

It’s Height

At first glance, a fence’s height might seem like it doesn’t mean that much. If it’s a straight shot to the top, someone will have the stamina to climb it. However, intruders with such thinking have left out a crucial step in the process: what will the fall down look like? The higher that a fence is, the bigger and more severe the impact will be when a person hits the ground. It’s not worth it to try to scale a fence if you’re just going to break your leg on the other side! This is one of the first things suggested to improve fence security.


If you’re unfamiliar with what an aperture is, it’s another word for a small hole or opening. Weaker chain link fences have larger apertures, making climbing significantly easier. You can simply stick your fingers through the opening and use them as support while you ascend. If you’re looking for new fencing specifically for the purpose of upgrading your security, look for something with the smallest aperture size. If intruders can’t stick their fingers through the hole, they’ll have a significantly harder time getting up. Oftentimes, this will deter them from even trying!

Security Fence Installation with Fences Unlimited

Fences Unlimited can help you secure your property with various types of fencing that help deter potential intruders! Whether you’re looking to make your home or business a safer environment, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to meet your property’s specific needs. To bolster your security and increase your property value with a new fence, click here to contact us directly!